Creative Tutoring Ideas For Writing

Academic writing is such an important skill in the life of every student. They will need these writing skills as they prepare their assignments, projects and even as they compile their academic reports. It thus becomes very vital to have proper coaching on these academic writing skills. While writing may be so simple amongst students taking literature, communication or such related courses it may be a real struggle to other students pursuing other different courses and there is thus the need to prepare a clear guide on how to write a quality academic paper. This guide, therefore, offers top tips for writing tutors.

Enquire if the students prefer to read a written content or listening to the tutorials

Some students would prefer reading the contents loudly on their own for better understanding while others may consider just listening to the lectures to eliminate the extra burden of reading the content on their own. It would thuse be important to find out what your students prefer. This would be important to encourage them to improve their writing skills in a way that they prefer.

Briefly explain the goals, procedures and the role of the tutorial

Just before you can begin the tutorials, it is important that you briefly highlight the goal, the specific procedures, and roles of the tutorial. This would make everything simple as the students will at least have a guideline on how everything works. In fact, you should assume that none of the students knows what you are trying to bring forth so that you can bring up the ideas in a better way. However, you need to be brief and straight to the point to avoid losing their concentration.

Emphasize on better planning

How you plan on writing a research paper plays a greater role in the quality of the final paper and it is thus very important that you emphasize on better planning during the writing tutorial. Advise the students on how to analyze the project into the various sections and how ideas should follow smoothly from one paragraph to the next. They should also be able to identify the difficult parts of the project and find solutions to such sections.

Also emphasize on a better understanding of the assignment

If the students do not get a clear understanding of the assignment, then it would be difficult to properly handle the task. It is thus important that you emphasize on ensuring that all instructions are clearly understood before beginning the writing process. You can also use a sample paper and try to evaluate if they can properly understand the assignment.

Give clear instructions on how to organize the research paper

Many students may not be aware of how to organize the academic paper it is thus important that you emphasize the specific structure they should follow through as they compile their document. Proper use of grammar should also be emphasized.

These are some of the major tips that should help you create a quality academic writing tutorial and it is important that you consider them to improve writing skills among the various students.