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We at Academic Writing Courses Blog offer you advice and point you in the right direction for continual improvement of your writing in many areas: Academic Writing, Creative Writing, and Essay Writing just to name a few. Our blog is packed with helpful tips. Our posts are designed to zone in on any weak areas that need to be strengthened while reinforcing techniques that you may already be familiar with. Our instructions are user-friendly and we make learning about writing fun. This is what you can look forward to on our page.


We will keep you abreast of all the free online writing courses and advise on you which ones are worth your time. You will know what to look for in their course outline, so you can make an informed decision. You can expect posts that will guide, educate and make sure you on the right track to achieving high-quality content for your personal projects or your clients.


We will teach you writing techniques in an easy and concise way. We address writing style, writing tone, paragraphing, punctuation. Everything that contributes to a quality article, essay, novel or whatever type of writing that you are into.

Tutoring ideas

This blog is also for those who teach writing. We offer ideas and materials to make your job easier and material. We make learning about writing as exciting and intellectually engaging as possible. Our tutoring ideas are for both the young aspiring writer and the more mature student.

Academic Writing Courses Blog is about taking your writing to the next level. We are about quality and excellence in writing regardless of the subject matter, writing style or purpose.